Using Thai Language in Pattaya

Thai Text Sign

There's good news and bad news. The bad news is that learning Thai is hard work. Bloody hard work. However, the good news is that any attempt to try and say a few of the local phrases will raise you several notches in the respectability stakes.

At Patta-Yai!, we appreciate that you probably don't want to study vowel tones nor understand why 'mai mai mai mai mai' is a proper sentence. So we've come up with our own practical guide to language. Choose any of the following phrases, print them out, and then whip them out next time you're in a suitable bar.

Hint: You may see these words spelt any manner of ways in English, as there is no easy way to directly translate Thai into English. These are our closest matches.

Basic Thai

Sawadee khrap - hello
Sabai dee mai? - how are you?
Sabai dee - I'm fine
Taow-rai? - How much?
Wannee, khun su-ai mark - Today, you look very beautiful.
Phut len - Joking.
Phom mai mee / mee ngurn - Idon't / do have money.
Pai rhong ram mai? - Do youwant go to the hotel?
Joop - Kiss
God - Hug
Num - Breasts
Yai - Big
Lek - Small
Buree - Cigarettes

Useful Thai Phrases

Phom mai mao, phom sabai dee - I'm not drunk, I'm just happy.

Note: We considered adding tone markers and glottal stop indicators tothis information .. then considered that we would be depriving you of an opportunity.

If you attempt to speak the Thai language, you will surely get almost immediate assistance. It can be a great conversation starter.

Hotel Related Thai

Rong raem - hotel
Hong-non – bedroom
Mee ae mai? Is there air-conditioning?
Mee hong-nam mai? – Is there a bathroom?
Hong-dieo – single room
Hong koo – double room
Arp-nam - shower
Aharn-chao – breakfast
Leum goon-jae – I’ve forgotten my key
Panak-ngam borigarn – room service
Kuen la taorai? – how much is the room per night?
Aharn-chao kee mong? – when is breakfast?
Garuna plook chan nai wela – Can you call me at…o’clock?

Restaurants Related Thai

Kor doo menu mai? – Can I see the menu?
Kor – I would like…
Bia sorng kuat – two bottles of beer
Geb-tang krap? – Can I have the bill, please.
Soob buree dai mai? – May I smoke?

Dating Related Thai

Kor lekthorasap noi si? – May I have your phone number?
Pom dee chai teedai pob khun – I’m pleased to meet you.
Khun yoo tee nee ma nan rue young? – how long have you been here?
Pom cha nam krung deum mahai na? – Would you like a drink?

Thai - About Directions

Kwar – left
Sai – right
Dern trong pai – walkstraight ahead
Yoo sai/kwar mue – it’s on the left/right
Thanon – street/road
Soi – sidestreet
Dern – walk
Pharn – after
Korn – before
Sai thale – sand at theseaside (beach)
Kok – island
Reua – boat
Tua – ticket
Cha – slow

Thai for Body Parts

(put 'suu-ay' at the end to say somethingis beautiful,
'nar-kliat' for ugly)
Ranggai – body
Leen – tongue
Khaen – arms
Nah – face
Tah – eyes
Kha – legs
Phom – hair
Phark – mouth
Rim fee phak – lips

Health Related Thai

Yah – drug
Yah aspirin – aspirin
Pah pid plae - plaster
Yah nawn lab – sleeping pill
Roke tawng ruang – diarrhoea
Roke puad hua – headache
Roke ai – cough
Roke puad fun – toothache
Jep – hurt