Queen Victoria Pub

queen vistoria's pub in pattaya thailand - pub and bar reviews

Soi 6
Central Pattaya

SOI 6 is an interesting place.
Situated in the relatively quiet Central Pattaya, it has a variety of bars, including one with neon lights that blaze ‘cum 2 bed with me’. You get the picture.

Bang in the middle of this debauchery sits the Queen Victoria pub, and it’s safe to assume the pub’s eponymous monarch would definitely not be amused to be among such company.

However, everyone else along the soi seems to enjoy the action, and the Queen Vic is an ideal place to stop in between the ogling bars.
Laid out in a traditional English style, its dark wood and subtle lighting give it an intimate feel. A large bar dominates the scene, and several girls are on hand to pull a variety of draught beers: Guinness, Kilkenny, Strongbow cider, Heineken among them.

Seating is well arranged so it’s easy to find a quiet corner. Retro is definitely the new thing here, with old golf clubs hanging from the wall, a collection of beer mats pinned up by the bar, and even old bank notes on one pillar, including the now defunct 10-baht note (it’s the one with a horse on).

Drinks are reasonably priced, with draught beer at 80 baht. The contrast with its neighbours could not be starker; the music here is soft, there are no pool tables and the only entertainment is a selection of Bangkok Post and The Nation newspapers.

One small dining area has the word ‘snug’ above it, and it seems an apt description. Big, red, leather sofas blend into the walls, while a decent size book shelf offers diners something to browse through.

On my visit, things were quiet, but when full the Queen Vic would be the ideal place to spend a Sunday afternoon.