Tahitian Queen #1 - Lady Go Go

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Beach Road

Tahitian Queen #1 or TQ1 as its fondly referred to by local expats is one of the oldest and most well established go go bars in Pattaya. And for good reason. It's a pure flat out fun place to visit.

Located on Beach Road, the bar features a wide assortment of bikini clad ladies, a large selection of great rock music - on DVD, no less - televised sporting events, reasonably priced drinks and they even even provide a menu for the burger lover crowd. What more could you want?

TQ1 opens at 13:00 and closes at 01:00. When first entering the bar you'll notice it is dimly lit and has a long narrow stage dominated by 5-7 ladies caressing the chrome poles.

If your not into lady ogling you can always just kick back listen to some rock tunes or watch sports while nursing your drink with a burger and some fries. This bar provides a lot of entertainment options.

The ladies are a lot of fun and won't pressure you for lady drinks. The dancers can leave the bar with a customer for a night of entertainment after a tariff of 600 baht is paid to the bar. If you want to spend some quality time (about 1 hour) in private with a dancer, the tariff is 300 baht.

Drinks are reasonably priced, 100 baht for a lady's drink, 100 baht for a mixed drink and bottled beer( i.e. Heineken). Draft beer is around 60 baht. No lady cocktail gimmicks in this bar.

TQ1 is a fun, well run, entertaining go go bar. Definitely worth a look.