Superbaby - Lady Go Go

super baby go go bar on soi diamond in pattaya thailand - pattaya bar reviews

Soi Diamond

Opening at 20:00 and closing at 01:00, Superbaby is one of Pattaya's premier go go bars, definitely in the top 5.

Superbabies is very easy to find - located on Soi Diamond with a huge well-lit neon sign above the bar and no shortage of greeters to guide you inside.

Once inside you will see a large stage with plenty of attractive ladies dancing in bra and panty outfits. No lack of eye candy in this bar, plenty of young ladies for your ogling entertainment.

The music is usually techno/dance music, but by late evening its not unusual to hear some rock being played.

Drinks are fairly priced, 100 baht for a lady's drink, 110 baht for a mixed drink or a bottled beer(Tiger, Heineken). Draft beer isn't offered.

Don't be surprised to see some customers throw ping pong ball son stage (costs 20 baht per ball) which the ladies cash in for money, its part of the fun.

Tastefully executed exotic dances are part of the entertainment.The dancers are very friendly but not pushy for ladies' drinks like other go-go's. If you wish to spend the evening with a lady away from the bar you will be required to pay the bar a tariff of 500 baht.

Happy punters spend numerous evenings in this bar, take some ladies out for an evening on the town and seem to be happy with the results.

Highly recommend.