Super Models - Lady Go Go

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Super Models opens at 19:30 and closes at 01:00. It's located on Soi Diamond - beside the gate separating the narrow portion of Soi Diamond from the wider section. It's practically next door to Diamond a go-go. You can't miss the large neon sign or the 3 to 5 greeters in front of the bar.

Super Models go go is unique as it boasts two floors of fun. A rectangular dance floor dominating the 1st floor is fully equipped with tasty scantily clad young ladies dancing to tecno/hip-hop rhythms spun by an in-house DJ.

The second floor, referred to as the "Red Room", has fewer dancers, but they are none the less attractive, The Red Room girls perform a variety of shows including light S&M lesbian plus an audience participation hot wax show.

Most of the ladies at Super Models are friendly and attractive, indefinably not pushy. As for looks, you wouldn't be embarrassed to beseem with any of them on your arm around town.

Super Models has a great happy hour - 49 baht for mixed drinks. It starts at 19:30 and finishes at 22:00. Your lady can leave the bar after a tariff of Bt 600 is paid for non-showgirls, or Bt 700 for showgirls.Most of the gents we spoke to enjoyed themselves at Super Models and intend to make it a frequent stop.

Most say they, "had a blast!"

Super Models is definitely worth a visit.