Las Vegas Lady Go Go Bar

Las Vegas go go bar in pattaya thailand, go go bar reviews

Walking Street
South Pattaya

NESTLED just off Walking Street is Las Vegas, a small but friendly go-go bar.

And the one thing that makes it different from the others is that most of its ladies are from Russia. So why call it Las Vegas? A bit more enticing than Siberia, I guess.

Inside things are compact, with seating either by the stage or against the walls.

Things were fairly quiet on our visit, although those that were there seemed to appreciate what was going on.

A variety of ladies (there are some Thai here too) put on a show, and a shower cubicle in the corner adds an extra dimension.

Drinks go from 130 baht upwards. Service is extremely friendly and fast, and includes the club’s very own warm-up man, who claps passionately and yells ‘thank you, thank you’ once a turn is over. You feel so sorry for the chap you can’t help but applaud thunderously, no matter what has just transpired on stage.

Some of the girls were quite young-looking, and you do wonder quite how they got work permits, but then sometimes it’s best not to ask.

There is a clear demand for Russian ladies in Pattaya, and while Vegas isn’t unique, it’s certainly a rarity to find non-Thai girls working in any go-go bars.

Vegas doesn’t quite rival the city of the same name for glamour and glitz, but in Pattaya it does a fair job of keeping the punters happy.