Carousel Go Go Club - Lady Go Go

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Soi Diamond
Walking Street
South Pattaya

The idea of installing a large carousel in a go-go bar was clearly a stroke of genius.

You don’t have to crane your neck to view any particular lady, you just wait your turn and they will pass by. The fairground carousel track is the centrepiece of this club, with seating all the way around the edges.

It’s a busy place, with a constant stream of traffic coming off from the equally bustling Soi Diamond.

Inside, drinks are reasonably priced at 50 baht for almost anything during the seemingly never-ending happy hour (you pay more for cocktails, corona, and lady drinks). Around a dozen girls are on the stage at any one time, dancing to some techno-versions of old classics.

For that added authenticity, a child’s hobby horse is positioned around the edge of the carousel, and above it is a sign offering 25 ping pong balls for 500 baht. Nothing like a bit of contrast.

To the rear of the club is the bar and to the side of that is the DJ, who sits high above proceedings in his own booth.

There’s a good range of drinks, from the regular Chang beer at 45 baht, to Heineken, Singha, and Tiger for 110 baht, or B52s and Kamikazes at 125 baht.

Tiered seating around the edge offers good views of the place, and if you do spot anyone you like, bar fines are 500 baht.

I don’t suppose there is too much thought put into the music selection, but as we sat and watched, on came a pumped version of ‘One Night in Bangkok’ and the immortal line:

‘one night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster, the bars are temples but the girls aren’t free.’…