Tony’s Disco

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Walking Street
South Pattaya

WHITE, white, white.

It’s like being in a hospital.

Tony’s disco is an albino attraction with white walls, white ceilings, and white furniture.

As discos go, Tony’s is one of the best-known and oldest establishments in town. It’s also one of the best-marketed, as a huge sign on Sukhumvit and various tuk-tuk posters attests to.

The reality more or less matches the hype. The place is vast, especially for somewhere on Walking Street. So much so, that it almost feels too big.

Past an initial entrance area, where two sports cars are parked, there’s a special bed area where you can lie with any new-found friends. And they will probably be happy to lie with you, in every sense.

Further inside there’s a pool table, white of course, and finally the main club. There’s plenty of seating, either on ground level or up a few steps there are seats giving a better view of the stage.

On the white stage there are a variety of acts. They range from the extravagant Thai dancers, complete with feathers in their hair, to the bizarre, in the form of a Filipino entertainer who resembles Barry Manilow on heat.

One of the best turns is Preview, a live band with four female singers who perform high-tempo pop songs. While all this takes place there are mini cages on the higher level where girls dance and gyrate, right next to the crowd.

Maybe the one thing that sets Tony’s apart is the level of activity. The place never stops moving. Waitress run around offering cigarettes, cigars, or drinks oddly called F--- Off (don’t fall for it, it’s extremely sweet and not particularly alcoholic).

In addition, a guy in a clown mask wanders around for no apparent reason in between acts.

There’s a good selection of drinks, none of which are particularly cheap, but then there is no cover charge and you are getting a full cabaret show, so don’t moan.

Ladies’ beer goes from 70 baht but aside from that most will cost more than 150 baht.

Tony’s is somewhat legendary in Pattaya and no visit is really complete without a trip there.