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Walking Street

IT'S a devil of a job not to love this place.

Pumping hip hop mixed with R & B makes Lucifer's one of the hottest spots in Pattaya.

Massive speakers dwarf many of the Thai ladies jigging away alongside them, and Satanic decorations give the club an edge.

Lucifer's is cleverly divided into two parts, each with its distinct clientele.

Off from the street is a Latino bar, with Ricky Martin and Santana songs being played by an able band. The audience is slightly more mature, and sits around a comfortably-sized bar and seating area.

Follow the path through and you enter the main club. A pounding bass heralds your entrance to 'hell'. The huge club looks like a giant cave, with stalactites hanging from the ceiling and devil faces glowing red in the dim light.

It's not as sinister or as gothic as its Bangkok equivalent, and maybe that's for the better.

The DJ here is particularly adept at keeping the pace of the music flowing, and generally plays it safe with 50 Cent, J-Lo, Eminem and Beyonce grooves.

Weekends see a band play in the round, and are always a popular attraction, although if you visit here a few times, you may wish they'd learn a couple of new tunes.

There's no cover charge to get in, girls are everywhere, and drinks are reasonably priced.

One good tip is to let a Thai friend go in first and order their drinks, as they will be charged half price. Get them to line a few beers up for 80 baht a bottle, and you're all set for the evening.