Electric Blue

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Walking Street
South Pattaya

Football, cheap beer, and girls – what more do you want?

Electric Blue is geared towards one thing: having fun. It’s a bright, busy, club with action in every corner.

A great layout means there are three levels, each offering their own thing. On the ground floor is the main seating area, with two large tables in the centre and seating around the edges.

Up one floor and there’s an over-hanging area that looks out over proceedings, and has its own podium, while on the top floor is a second bar, and a small lounge area. It’s much like any other lounge area, apart from the two large chains that hang from the ceiling down to the tables below, and are regularly used by the girls to swing from.

And there are plenty of girls to watch, each dressed in red skirts and white suspenders.

Drinks are reasonably priced, considering there is so much going on, and range from draft Heineken at 45 baht, to Tiger and lady drinks at 95 baht, or JW Black at 115 baht. There’s even food, in the form of burgers or steak sandwiches.

There are sofas or stools to rest on, and if for any reason you don’t want to watch the red skirts, there’s a giant TV screen that usually shows live football games or other sport.

The different layers to the club mean there’s a different feel to each. The further up you go, the more chilled things are, and the more space there is to talk or watch.

For such a big club, it’s not that well advertised from Walking Street. The entrance is rather hidden away, and you have to look for the big neon sign hanging over the street as the best indicator for where it is.

It’s worth searching out though, as there are few places as fun and enjoyable as Electric Blue.