Wonderful Bar 2

Wonderful 2 Bar - Pattaya, Thailand - pattaya bar reviews

Second Road, Junction with Soi 13
South Pattaya

WHEN a big sign promises a bottle of beer for 40 baht, it’s hard to walk past.

Wonderful 2 lives up to its name as any time between 7am-7pm you can order a bottle of Singha for 40 baht, or other brands for 45 baht (though quite what you’d be doing ordering it at 7am, God knows). If you want something stronger, gin, vodka, and Bacardi go for 50 baht.

Wonderful 2 sits just off the street, allowing you to view everything going into Soi 13. And there are some things going in and out of Soi 13 you wouldn’t want to miss.

The centrepiece is a large bar, in which a dozen or so girls are usually hanging around waiting for a game of Connect 4. The best seats hug the bar, but there are also sofas and outside seating. Service here is fast and friendly, with the girls keen to chat without being pushy.

It’s a big bar, so there’s never a feeling of being crowded. TV screens hang in each corner, and there’s a small stage where a band plays contemporary hits during the evening.

With black walls and bright red and yellow lighting, it has a club-cum-warehouse feel, although it’s a much more basic version of the original Wonderful, which is just 100 yards or so up the road.

To the back of the bar is a pool table and more seating.

Wonderful, the sequel, is a decent place to come by day and relax by the bar, while at night it’s a great place to come and party.