We Are The World

pattaya bar reviews - we are the world bar in pattaya

Beach Road (between Soi 7 and 8)
Central Pattaya

INGREDIENTS for a successful beer bar: take out a subscription to a sports channel, hire a live band, employ an array of cute-looking waitresses and hold a happy hour that lasts nearly all day.

We Are the World obviously knows what it has to do to bring in punters, and it does it well.

Chances are the guys who work the pavements have tried to drag you in here before, with their signs promoting 45 baht beer, and for once it is a good idea to listen to the hawkers.

The bar is slender but long, much like some of its female staff, and has a small stage at the front where live music is played. The singer on the night I visited was a cheerful chap who hit all the right notes, and even had his own ad lib's: “Feel free to dance, feel free to sing, feel free to give tip,” he yelled as he tapped the top of a thus-far empty jar. As if to drum up even more trade, he then walked out onto Beach Road to complete his song.

With music and football all omnipresent, it’s not surprising that We Are the World has more guys than girls in it, something that can’t be said for all the beer bars.

Another reason is the happy hour, which stretches from 1pm-10pm and features Thai whisky for 25 baht, soft drinks for 40 baht and gin and tonic for just 60 bath a shot.

The girls here even have their own badges, so you know which ones are supposed to be there and who is gate-crashing, and they will usually challenge you to a bar game if you are interested.

Here is a bar that knows how to keep its customers happy and if you like this place there are several other ‘World’ establishments in Pattaya, including the go-go bar right next door.