Too’s Bar

pattaya bar reviews - too's bar in pattaya

Walking Street
South Pattaya

IT’S always nice when you don’t have to spend ages getting to the bar. There’s no such hassle in Too’s as the bar stretches for almost the entire length of the establishment.

Granted, it’s not a particularly large bar, but the less time walking and the more time spent drinking is surely a good thing.

Sat slap in the middle of Walking Street, the bar itself is relatively quiet, but its position means there’s always something going on nearby.

A sports TV provides most of the entertainment here, while there’s a pool table to the rear. Seating is on wicker chairs at the front,where you can dispose of your beer while watching life go by, while deeper inside the chairs are replaced by red leather bar stools.

There’s no live music here as things are pretty compact, but overflowing music from neighbouring bars make up for that. Beer is75 baht a bottle, with Coke going for 50 baht.

The selection of waitresses here is pretty decent, and they’re a friendly bunch who playfully hang around the one chrome pole that’s stuck in the centre of the place.

Most of the girls are in their early 20s and fun to hang around with, but if you want to just chat with your mates they won’t give you any problems.

Too’s may not be the epicentre of life in Walking Street, but it’s a good place to start your evening of debauchery, and an excellent place to watch Walking Street’s inhabitants pass by.