Stereo Music Lounge

stereo music lounge in pattaya thailand - pattaya bar reviews

Soi Buakhao
Between Second and Third Road
Central Pattaya

IT’S not often that walls steal the show.

But at Stereo, they are arguably the main attraction. Along one of its walls there are dozens of holes, each illuminated from the inside with a variety of coloured lights, almost like psychedelic portholes. On another, strange cube shapes intermingle.

Stereo’s funkiness doesn’t end at the walls. A big red pool table is at the front of the bar, while a softly-lit bar with black surround is to the rear.

Cocktails here are well-priced at 99 baht for everything from Mai Tai, Sex on the Beach, to Tequila Sunrise, and there’s a good stock of spirits, beer and wine (80 baht a glass).

Stereo is owned by two English guys, and it’s been in its current guise since February 2005. The place stands out from the humdrum beer bars simply because it makes an effort.

While some bars may be content to stick a pool table at the rear and assume the girls will be the main attraction, Stereo goes that little bit further.

How many bars do you know where the beer arrives in a zebra-patterned bottle holder?

Away from the bar area, there are black pvc sofas around the edges, from where you can watch the girls thrash any farang at pool.

TVs show stills from previous parties at Stereo, and advertise future events, such as Killer Pool at 5pm on Sundays.

And even the music has its own style, as it ranges from 80s Duran Duran and Madness, to some smooth jazz tracks.

Too few bars try to be individual, and so it’s genuinely refreshing to find somewhere that does try and be fun.