pattaya bar reviews - Poppy's bar in pattaya

Beach Road
Central Pattaya

A RECENT addition to the beach front nightlife is Poppy’s, a good example of how a beer bar can be different.

Poppy’s is bright and full of mirrors, giving an impression of space which isn’t actually there.

Green, red, and blue neon strips add colour and a disco feel, while chrome furniture adds an upmarket edge.

On our visit, the place wasn’t teeming with waitresses, but those present were fun and helpful. There’s a wide selection of spirits to pick from, and the usual beers.

Happy hour stretches from 9am-7pm, during which time you can buy a Chang for 35 baht, Singha for 40 baht or Heineken for 45 baht.

The main entertainment here is a three-piece Thai band, which plays Elvis and other old school hits. Seating is arranged so they are the focal point, and they’re pretty good.

It makes a refreshing change to find somewhere that doesn’t simply pack everyone in and pump the music, and prices, up.

Here, things are more relaxed, and if you want to sit on your own and listen to the music, you can.

Some seating outside offers views of the beach, but also raises the chances of you being hassled by hawkers offering cigarettes or watches.

It’s a small price to pay for such a pleasant bar though, where service is the main focus.