Polo Entertainment

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Walking Street
South Pattaya

YOU will hear Polo before you see it.
Techno music pumps out from high above Walking Street and its bass lines will be pounding in your head long before the string of girls come out to entice you inside.

With promises of 65 baht drinks all night, it’s easy to be swayed. Up a flight of stairs, there are a gaggle of girls parading around in a bid to attract punters.

The club itself is surprisingly small inside, given the number of girls dancing around outside. A large stage area is the centrepiece and bar stools and small tables are dotted around it. If you don’t go for the 65 baht drinks, things are a little steep as bottled beer goes for 120 baht and soft drinks are 90 baht.

The upside to this is the non-stop action which takes place on stage. When I arrived, six near-naked girls were dancing on the stage, and on neighbouring tables.

The show features a variety of girls and a blend of music, from full-on techno to rock to pop.

Girls make use of the chains which hang from the ceiling to twirl around, while a number of poles are also well-used. Watch out when the girl with the leather whip appears, as she walks around the club liberally dishing out ‘punishment’ to every farang in sight, and she doesn’t hold back when it comes to meting out lashings.

The dancers interact with customers and in turn the punters clearly enjoy the attention, although the highlight of the night was probably the sadomasochistic lesbian act. Always tough to beat the sado-lesbians….