Peacocks Bar

peacock bar in pattaya thailand - pattaya bar reviews

Beach Road
North Pattaya

WHO says that big is beautiful?

There may be bigger and brasher beer bars in Pattaya, but there aren’t many as busy as this one.

Situated in North Pattaya, it’s one of the first bars you come across if you walk towards Central and South.

There’s no question that the place is small, you’ve probably got a bigger living room, but they make the most of every square inch.

Girls sit outside or dance in the streets in a bid to entice customers inside, while inside there are more girls sitting around the bar.

Chances are you will be propping up the blue-tiled bar, which has two TV screens nearby playing films or sports.

Unlike most bars, there’s not even room for the obligatory spirit house, so the girls make do with a phallic-shaped stone which has a few garlands around it, point this out to the girls if you want to get a reaction.

Despite the bijou conditions, the bar is well-stocked with spirits and beer, the latter of which costs 70 baht for a bottle. The girls are young and fun and eager to chat, although you want to be sure they are girls, as on our visit there were a couple of hostesses with suspiciously low voices.

There are plenty of girls to choose from though, about 20 by my count, which makes for a fun way to spend an hour or so.