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Pattayaland Soi 1
South Pattaya (off Beach Road)

AHH, draught beer. God bless draught beer.

You can only sink so many Singha beers before the call for some proper liquid gold hits home. At Mulligan’s you can quench such desires in the form of Ruddles, John Smiths, and naturally, Guinness.

Mulligan’s is a relatively large bar with a predominantly green theme. There are green neon lights, green tablecloths, green pennants on the walls, and, as if there were any doubt, a Dublin football shirt pinned near the bar.

Once you’ve ordered your draught beer (ask for ‘bia sod’ and they’ll understand) you can sit back in one of the solid teak chairs and watch one of the giant sports screens, or chat to the various waitresses who are happy to talk or share their fish dinner, as they did on my visit.

Mulligan’s knows that there’s nothing like nostalgia to win over customers, and so it piles it on thick. Framed mono photographs depict Dublin from yesteryear, from the days when horses and carts walked the streets and fishing was a vocation, not a vacation.

Farther back in the bar is a cartoon-like map of Cork and a pool table, which is rarely unoccupied.

The bar succeeds in being more than simply a pick-up joint, and actually has some character, something often lacking in many rival establishments. Staff here are not as pushy to drag you inside as other places and as a result it’s usually pretty busy inside. If you do hanker for the kind of place you used to spend Sunday afternoon in back home, then this could well be your retreat.

Mulligan’s is a fun bar with a lived-in feel, and at night live music replaces the sound of TV sport to further enhance the craic.