moonlight bar on beach road in pattaya thailand - pattaya bar reviews

Walking Street

ONE of the undoubted highlights of Walking Street is the opportunity to watch all kinds of human life forms.

From one-armed fortune tellers to women who used to be men, it’s never dull. A good way to start an evening is to pull up a chair and simply watch life go by. And one of the best places to find such a chair is at Moonlight.

Situated opposite Honey A Go-Go and next to the Diamond Arcade, it’s ideally placed to see some passing action.

The bar itself is small and modest, but the owners know why drinkers come as all the seats are pointed towards the main road.

There are a couple of TVs that usually show football, and they’ve managed to fit a pool table at the back if you want to get a few frames in.

But with such venues as The Roof A Go-Go and Sharks nearby, you probably won’t be concentrating on the Arsenal v Charlton game for long.

At 75 baht for a beer it’s decent value, although there aren’t that many waitresses if you fancy a chat. Usually a few will be lingering by the bar, but the real attraction here is good old-fashioned voyeurism.

And if you’re lucky, the girls from Honey may make a brief appearance and show you’re their ‘ice’ performance….