Madam T Bar

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Second Road
Junction 13/3

MADAM T was one of those bars I’d walked past a dozen times but never entered.

It’s a small bar set right on Second Road and in the middle of the action. But size isn’t everything, as I’m sure you’re aware, and the bar has plenty going on to keep you satisfied.

A few stools almost creep out onto the pavement and are occupied by some of the eight girls who work here. Inside there’s the bar and some seating to the rear, but no-one ever ventures past the bar, so take a stool there.

From your view on the stool you’ll be able to admire an array of spirits and beers and be entertained by the waitresses. Here they’re friendly but not pushy, and most speak a decent amount of English (one now knows the difference between week and weekly, assuming she hasn’t forgotten my impromptu English class).

If you are looking for a friend, then the girls here do look better than some of the other bars, and one in particular stood out, with big, brown frizzy hair and an even bigger smile.

It’s not a bad idea to begin talking to these waitresses, as it may block out the awful soft pop that plays in the background. Who wants to listen to Barbara Streisand or Neil Diamond, for crying out loud?

And should the girls be pre-occupied, there’s always the TV in the background to watch.

The name Madam T may well conjure up images of a boudoir and Red Windmills, and there’s certainly an element of that here, largely thanks to the girl with the big hair.

Should you find yourself spending more time than you anticipated here, rooms are available, although we didn’t check them out.

Bottled beer goes for 65 baht here, and there’s no draught alternative.