Drum and Monkey

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157/83 Moo 5
Pattaya Road, Naklua, Pattaya

I HATE it when they miss like that, you know how much he gets a week?”

“Ahh, what do you know, bloody Wolves’ fans.”

It’s easy to forget sometimes that you’re miles from home.

The Drum and Monkey is an English pub with English drinkers. There may be a few international flags pinned to the ceiling, but when you come in here there’s everything but mashed potatoes to make you feel at home.

As you may have gathered, a large TV screen offers back-to-back football at weekends and other sport during the week, which is watched by a passionate and vocal crowd.

As a result it’s the epicentre for swearing, cheering and bemoaning your team. When the football isn’t on there are of course some ladies who will be keen to distract you from the offside rule for a few moments.

Physically, the bar comes in two halves, the front part occupied by girls of varying ages, most of whom are friendly and funny. At the back is a lighter area with a pool table as the centrepiece.

On the walls there are some distinctly non-English paintings by the likes of Kandinsky and Picasso, which give the bar a bit of a lift above the norm. Prices here are reasonable and there’s nearly always something going on.

Even for those who don’t understand the Beautiful Game, the Drum and Monkey has a fun vibe and lively crowd to keep you entertained.