Carousel Beer Bar

pattaya bar reviews - five star bar in pattaya
Soi Diamond
Walking Street
South Pattaya

YOU know the feeling.

You’ve just necked your sixth bottle of Heineken and the night’s looking good.

You go to get up, and can’t understand why the ground is moving beneath you. Has a second tsunami taken hold, is another Krakatoa underway, or should you have maybe had a bigger dinner in order to soak up all the booze?

That feeling of having the earth move is a pretty sure sign you’re on your way to being plastered. However, it may also just mean you’Ave arrived at Carousel Beer Bar.

Carousel hit on the curious idea of having a moving bar, two to be precise.

Getting in takes a steady step, as the circular bars are in constant motion, slowly turning around to give punters a panoramic view of Soi Diamond.

Once on the platform, you make use of one of the black leather and chrome seats and one of the girls will furnish you with whatever you need.

Carousel certainly lives up to its name and offers a unique way of drinking - it’s a mix between a sushi bar and a fairground ride.

Beer is reasonable at 75 baht a bottle, and you get to size up all the various options for later while you’re being turned around. There’s Roof A-Go-Go above, Sharks nearby, Super Girl Go-Go, and of course the Carousel Go-Go Bar right next door.

The bar itself has a stationary area for those that do get motion sickness. Solid, dependable rock music is played, and bar games are constantly in use to provide entertainment.

Some of the girls are very easy on the eye and keen to chat, making Carousel a great place to start an evening’s drinking (probably best not to try and get on and off here towards the end of a night’s consumption though).