Back Door Bar

back door bar in pattaya thailand - pattaya bar reviews

Beach Road
South Pattaya (between Soi Yamato & Soi 13)

WITH a minute to go, Johnny Wilkinson kicked the ball clean through the posts and England were rugby world champions.

I remember sitting at the Back Door Bar watching the game on their 53 ins sports screen, and joining in unbridled celebrations, while a group of Aussies grimly sank their beers.

The Back Door Bar is a good place to watch any sport, given the lively atmosphere and the two big screens that occupy centre-stage.

Red leather stools face out to Beach Road and are usually occupied by four or five waitresses who are keen to entice you inside. Farther back in the main bar itself, more girls are happy to serve and offer you every bar game that’s ever been invented. I chose Connect 4 and, possibly for the first time, managed to win most of the contests. Am sure she was just being kind though…. Many of the girls seem younger than in other beer bars, and are particularly friendly and welcoming.

Bottles of beer are 70 baht, and there’s draught Chang on offer as well. A chrome pole is planted in the middle of the bar and does occasionally get some use, though sadly it’s often just one of the Thai guys who pretends to curl himself around it. Ask nicely, and you may persuade the fairer sex to give a more authentic display.

Music is in the form of rock, and while there’s no live band here, the sounds of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2, are good substitutes.