Five Star Bar

pattaya bar reviews - five star bar in pattaya

Beach Road

THE girl in the black top started dancing close to one of her friends, and pretty soon all the waitresses were waltzing around their serving square.

It doesn’t take much for the girls at Five Star to dance. Theirs may be a small bar, but it stands out.

Good music, cheap drinks, and a vibrant atmosphere make it one of the better bars outside of Walking Street.

Ex-servicemen, of which there are many in Pattaya, will feel at home as the walls are crowded with photographs of US Marines, choppers and battleships. On another wall there are posters of Harleys and Vespas, although the macho image is dented somewhat by the seashells that hang and daintily tinkle over the bar.

There are usually plenty of farang around to chat to, and the girls have an abundance of bar games to play. Don’t even think about playing them for money though, these girls know what they are doing, and they do it well.

Five Star is situated along Beach Road, but a little way off from the other bars. Walk down a way into Central Pattaya and you’ll find Mike’s Shopping Plaza

Five Star is a minute’s walk from there.