Pattaya Walking Street

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Walking Street in Pattaya could remind you of one of those intergalactic bars in Star Trek, except the aliens behaved a bit better.

While much of Pattaya that spreads between 1st and 2nd to the seaward side of Beach Road is nightlife central, Walking Street is like a nightlife carnival on steroids. Perhaps the best thing about walking street is that civilian cars and drunk farangs on big motorcycles are not allowed.

Bars and strip clubs stand wall-to-wall while pimps and touts compete with freelance hooker and lady-boys. And they all compete for the fistfuls of cash that an international cast of punters throw nightly into that libidinous black hole.

Pattaya's prime nightlife spectacle is watched over by a staff of Thai police usually accompanied by farang police volunteers strutting their uniforms and egos. If an altercation occurs, a gaggle of motorcycle taxi drivers can always be counted on to pummel western offenders.

Sitting at one of the open-front bars, one can get a view of true human nature. Grown men removed from the social restrictions of the west, when primed with alcohol and testosterone make complete fools of themselves. Behavior that is tolerated on Walking Street would be grounds for arrest on many “civilized” societies.

One good thing for participants. You have to stray pretty far to run afoul of the law. For observers, Walking Street can be entertaining. Well, some of it can.

However, participants would do well to temper their behavior. Or at least be watchful of who is lurking about. You never know when some iphone video will make you the latest star on You Tube.