Pattaya Go Go Bar

go go bars  in pattaya thailand - pattaya go go bar reviews

Anatomy of a Pattaya Go Go Bar

One of the primary reasons tourists flock to Pattaya is to see the famous go-go bars sprinkled throughout the city. The majority of go-go's are located in three main areas; Walking Street,Soi Diamond and Pattayaland. Soi Diamond is directly connected to Walking Street whereas Pattayaland is a ten minute walk.

Some advice about Pattaya bar girls

What to Expect in Pattaya Bars?

Well, quite a few scantily clad young maidens dancing on a stage for your pleasure. The girls outfits range from combinations of lacy bras / panties, very transparent tube tops, to bikinis and very small one piece bathing suits.

Sometimes if your lucky you'll get to see some very interesting parts of the girls' anatomy. Especially during the shows, some shows are tastefully done and others you can just imagine. It can get wild at times with hot wax, soap suds, leather .. you get the picture.

Also you can buy drinks. Water, orange juice, mixed drinks, draft and bottled beer are all readily available. Prices range from 45 baht for cheap draft beer to 120 (that's expensive) for a mixed drink.

How Do I Meet a Lady in Pattaya?

Simple - buy her what is commonly called a "lady's drink or ladies' cocktail". Prices vary from 90 baht to the overpriced 150 baht cocktails featured at a couple of go-go's The girl will normally accept your offer.

Why? The dancer gets a commission from the drink, usually 20-30 baht per drink. Also each dancer has a quota of drinks she must fulfill, if she doesn't reach her quota she gets "cut", a reduction of her wage. This is where the bar makes money.

The bars make most of their money from lady and customer drinks. The bars really don't want you to take the girls out of the bar, no girls lead to much smaller drink sales. But they're realists, knowing that the majority of the customers come to take the girls out for a night of fun, so they let the girls go, but not for free.

go go bars  in pattaya thailand - pattaya go go bar reviews Lets say you fancy a lady (we'll call her Lek) and you want to take Lek out for a night of fun. You have to pay the bar a tariff commonly referred to as a "bar fine". The bar fine in theory compensates the bar for the loss of the ladies services. Bar fines range from 300 to the outrageous ..1500 for some showgirls. The normal price range is 500-600 baht.

Lek will also want compensation/tip for her time spent with you. One to three hours worth of Lek's time(commonly referred to as "a short-time") will cost you around 1000-1500 baht. The costs for a whole evening will range normally from 1500-2500 baht, but some superstar/showgirl types will get 3000-4000 from newbies/suckers.

Generally, 1500-2000 is accepted after some negotiations with the lady. One other note; Lek is required to go with a certain number of customers - another quota. This quota is referred to as an "off". Usually 6-8 offs are required per month. If she fails to reach her quota, she gets cut. She also gets a commission from the bar fine, normally 100 baht.

What Do I Do With Lek?

Eating, dancing, night clubbing, partying and sightseeing. Who knows .. maybe she will like to spend some time with you alone at your hotel. The girls do like to watch TV, drink, eat and play nintendo. Besides, sharing your air conditioned hotel room with you beats sharing a small cramped fan room with 2-4 girls all sleeping in the the same bed. Whatever transpires in the privacy of your hotel is as we like to say in Pattaya ..

" Up To You".