Clubs & Discos in Pattaya

Bars and Pubs in Pattaya

SO you like to party? You’ve come to the right place.

Pattaya is legendary for its nightlife, and especially its nightclubs. Big, loud, and bold, they are a must-see during any stay here.

The clubs are not just confined to Walking Street; wander along any road and you’ll find something to keep you entertained.

Most clubs here offer live music and the chance to party with the Thais. Try the cheap whiskey, knock back a few Beer Leos and dance the night away.

Being Pattaya, the music has a distinctly Western flavour, with J-Lo, Destiny’s Child and 50 Cents a few of the hot sounds in town.

Among the best in town is Lucifers, which has the advantage of being in the middle of the famous Walking Street, and plays a steady mix of R & B tracks, as well as live music at weekends.

Elsewhere, the dance feel continues, although if you prefer more old school tracks, then maybe you should check out The Blues Factory in Walking Street’s Soi Lucky Star.

For a more laid-back feel, with a restaurant included, there’s the relatively-new Differ, which is at the start of Beach Road in North Pattaya. Or failing that there’s the old faithful that is X-Zyte on Third Road.

Look around and you’ll find something to suit. Most clubs here don’t go out of their way to provide girls; they are generally places to party. Having said that, if you do see a girl you like, the chances are she won’t say no to a dance.