Bars in Pattaya

Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand

IF Pattaya is famed for just one thing, then it’s the bars.

Big bars, little bars, classy bars, cheesy bars – it’s got the lot.

Around 800 bars cluster together along Pattaya’s beach front with the sole intention of providing you with entertainment. has undertaken the grueling task of visiting as many of these places as possible to give you the low-down on where to go.

Broadly speaking, there are three different types of bar in Pattaya:

Beer bars

These are your standard bars, where the main commodity is, funnily enough, beer.

These are everywhere throughout Pattaya and offer friendly service, cheap beer, and maybe a few frames of pool.

Lady Beer Bars

The next rung up the hedonist’s ladder are the waitress-style bars where beer and girls are on the menu.

Again, there are plenty of these to be found, and should you wish to get better acquainted with the lady who’s pulling your pint, then you simply have to ask.

The language of love in Pattaya bars .. speaking Thai

The lady beer bars are usually full of flirty girls who will yell out at you as you walk by to come on in.

Go-Go Bars

Finally there are the go-go bars, where scantily-clad girls slide up and down chrome poles for your pleasure.

These are mainly to be found in Walking Street, although there are others dotted around.

Drinks here are slightly more expensive, but you are paying for the extra entertainment .. pattaya go go bars