Pattaya's Legendary Nightlife

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A Good Night Out in Pattaya

Okay, so you’ve unpacked, figured out how the shower works, and put your best shirt on.

You’re ready for a night in Pattaya.

Before you set out, there are a few things to remember, and has compiled a list just for you to ensure you don’t end up with more than you bargained for.

Make an effort

You may well think you’re on a no-brainer when it comes to pulling in Pattaya, but the girls here have opinions too, and they don’t have to go with just any wheezing, sweaty, farang.

So when you have finished bronzing yourself on the beach, have a shower, splash on the aftershave, and look presentable.

Don’t go for Dessert

If you want to have a larger choice of ladies, then don’t turn up at midnight expecting the beer bar to be completely full.

Skip that dessert at the restaurant, and head out early. Do you think the most stunning girls sit around all night waiting for you to arrive?

Don’t Jump Right In

By all means ogle away, it’s what the bars are for after all, but don’t get carried away.

The first girl who jumps onto your lap may well be incredibly cute, funny, and keen, but so are dozens of others.

There are literally hundreds of bars and go-go places to see, so wander about a little before settling on any one girl.

Be Practical

She’s Thai, you’re not.

This probably means there’s going to be some language difficulties, but you can lessen these by learning a few choice phrases, and also by not sitting under the speaker that is blasting out The Cranberries’ Zombie for the fifth time that evening.

Check out our language section for a few basics.

Be Be Front

While you’re out for some action, she’s there for the cash. So if you’ve sat with her for an hour and then decide she’s not the one, don’t be surprised if she looks miffed.

Tell her if it’s not going anywhere, then you both know where you are. And don’t be put out if she’s the one who decides to look elsewhere. Shit happens.

If you do like the girl, let her know by buying her a drink or giving her a tip. She’ll explain the rules to you, but be prepared to lose at least 1,000 baht in return for some goods.

Be Cynical

She may be 4ft-nothing, she may look as though butter wouldn’t melt, but be wary.Many of the girls in the bars are decent, hard-working and fun to be with. But a good few are only interested in the size of your wallet, and little else.

If you hear any stories about sick grandmothers, ill buffalo or tales of woe and desperation from the north-east, then find the nearest exit.

Conversations in the bars can be some of the most bizarre and intriguing you will ever have, but be careful not to tell her too many personal details – and definitely don’t tell your hotel room number before you actually get there!


Personal security is an issue in Pattaya. Most Thais are incredibly friendly and will do anything for you, but some are also poor, and so drunk farang staggering from bar to bar with a fistful of thousand-baht notes is the very definition of temptation.

Only take out what money you think you’ll need and leave your wallet and cards in a safe at your hotel.

It also pays to be careful once you do manage to secure a lady for the night. Always use a brand-name condom.

Be Generous

A good tip is simply to tip.

Any little extra money changing hands could mean anything from a private dance to things we couldn’t possibly mention on a respectable web site.

There are places you can hide away for a private dance and be able to view everything that’s on offer. You don’t have to have sex there and then, in fact she will probably prefer just to dance for you, which can be almost as interesting!