zeppelin restaurant in Pattaya - pattaya restaurant reviews

Next to Nova Lodge Hotel,
Beach Road, Central Pattaya

Quality: 9
Quantity: 9
Value: 10
Atmosphere: 9

FROM the outside, there’s little to entice you in.

The only thing that did it for us was a board highlighting a 140 baht pizza and 170 baht fish and chips. Once inside it was clear we had made the right choice.

Zeppelin has an old-worlde-cum-maritime flavor that is instantly appealing. Ropes and pulleys hang from the ceiling, a ship’s wheel is in the center and mock-oil lamps provide soft lighting. Equally soft swing music drifts through the restaurant, to tables that are covered with plastic doilies (remember those?). A number of bay windows give privacy between tables while offering good views of the beach. In short, this place has the type of character that is often missing in Pattaya’s eateries.

Food-wise, it unsurprisingly as a German feel, but there is also pasta, burgers and Thai food, although the latter is more of an after-thought.

I ordered the roast chicken and barbecue sauce with fries, (195 baht), while my partner went for the Weinerschnitzel (195 baht). Service is provided by more mature waitresses who know exactly what they are doing, and the pre-meal bread and bread sticks is a nice touch.

zeppelin restaurant in Pattaya - pattaya restaurant reviews

My roast chicken was enormous, and filled most of my plate. I had expected the barbecue sauce to be the usual thick, tangy, mess that overpowers most meals, but this was different. For a start, it came in its own little tray and it was down to me to spoon it over the meat. It went superbly with the crisp skin and tender meat.

The Weinershnitzel was just as good, and we discovered the sauce went just as well with this too.

There is nothing to fault here, except perhaps the marketing team’s work on the exterior. But then, places as good as this can usually sell themselves and don’t need such glitter to truly shine.