pattaya food reviews - Sizzler restaurant

Royal Garden Plaza (ground floor)
Central Pattaya

Quality: 7
Quantity: 9
Value: 8
Atmosphere: 8

OK, so you may already know Sizzlers, but as this is one of the busiest restaurants in town, it’s worth reminding you what’s on offer.

This is the place where the salad bar is king. Main dishes are really an after-thought, it’s the salad that reigns supreme.

The salad bar, which is the main feature, is 150 baht, but if you order any main dish it’s free.

Having room for the main dish after you’ve gorged on the salad is the main dilemma here.

Recent new additions to the salad selection are onion soup, sweet chilli prawn salad, and a bacon, lettuce and tomato mix.

Sizzlers is an American chain of restaurants that offers western food, from burgers to steak, from ribs to seafood.

Situated at the back entrance to the Royal Garden Plaza, it’s easy to find. Waiters find you a seat and bring an enormous menu, both in size and content, to your table. Large photographs show you what’s on offer, and are grouped into various meat sections. There’s also a children’s menu and free refills for drinks (35 baht).

I went for the tuna burger (220 baht) while my friend chose the ginger soya chicken (240 baht). By the time they arrived, we had gorged ourselves on the salad. There’s no restriction on how many times you can go up, so there’s no need to build a food mountain as with some restaurants.

There’s potato and tuna mix, there are Chinese noodles, there are carrot and broccoli sticks, there’s cheese, bacon, sweetcorn, beetroot, pineapple, and coleslaw.

The house salad is ample food for any meal, but we did attempt to get through my tuna burger, which was ok, and the ginger chicken, which is an acquired taste.

Waiters constantly top up the salads, so there is no danger of them running out despite the constant stream of diners plundering the food. It’s a popular eating place for families, as it offers affordable, quality food, in pleasant surroundings.

Oh, and just when you finish your meal and are completely stuffed, the salad bar also includes chocolate cake and jelly.