Pit Stop Pizza

pattaya food reviews - pit stop pizza in Pattaya

Quality: 6
Quantity: 7
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 8

AMONG the brightest, smallest, and best-designed restaurants in town, has to be Pit Stop.

It’s a pizza eaterie, but with a touch of fun. It certainly lives up to its name as it has a complete Formula 1 racing feel to the place.

The waitresses come dressed in red overalls, complete with Mobil, Marlboro, and Vodaphone sponsors’ patches on, and the floor is chequered flag black-and-white.

Situated right in the middle of Walking Street, it’s also the pole position to watch life go by.

The menu is relatively small, offering a few starters, salads, and pasta.

The choice of pizza is better, with anchovies, seafood, and chicken pesta among the options.

We went for the 9-inch Hawaiian pizza, at 185 baht. The 12-inch is about 90 baht more. If you’re not that hungry, you can order slices for 65 baht.

There is only room for a dozen or so seats so there’s never a huge rush, which means your order won’t take long.

The pizza base was thin and crispy, just as it should be, although the topping was a little plain and could have benefited with an injection of herbs. A side order of French fries was more than I could handle, so I concentrated on finishing off the pizza.

Pit Stop is a fun place to hang out given the excellent service, modern, bright interior, and decent food.

If you do find room for dessert, the Time Out ice-cream people have their own small area here.