Pink Lady

pink lady  restaurant - jomtien beach - pattaya thailand
Beach Road
Central Pattaya

Quality: 8
Quantity: 8
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 8

THAIS do their best to try and help English-speakers. Despite their finest efforts though, some translations are confusing, bizarre or downright wrong.

Few though, are as wonderful as those at Pink Lady, where the drinks’ menu offers Fanta, Sprite, or Cock.

If that’s enough to make you lose your appetite, the food itself is pretty good. Diners sit facing the sea in open surroundings, away from the frantic mix of pubs that can be found in South Pattaya.

The menu here is somewhat eclectic, starting with several breakfasts, salads, and sandwiches, before moving on to Italian pasta and pizza.

Then there are some Chinese dishes, such as steamed fish or sweet and sour, as well as the chef’s own recommendations.

Finally there is a great selection of Thai cuisine, predominantly from the sea.

The interior is simple but ergonomic. There’s seating out near the pavement, inside, or to the rear there’s a bar and more seats. A few rows of fairy lights are the main decorative extravagance, but when you have the beach as a backdrop, you don’t have to make too much effort.

As well as the oysters, fish cakes, and lobster, there’s a wide choice of fried rice and crispy noodles.

I went for fried noodles with minced beef for 60 baht and my friend chose egg noodle soup with crab, also for 60 baht.

The noodles, which came topped with a fried egg, were soft and plentiful, and the beef was tender. The noodle soup was just as satisfying, with numerous noodles and a generous helping of crab.

Pink Lady is an ideal place to sit during a break from the beach, or as an evening venue, as its well-priced food means you can try a little of everything.