palmers restaurant - breakfasts in Pattaya

Soi Pattayaland 2

Marks (out of ten)
Quality: 8 
Quantity: 9
Value: 8
Atmosphere: 8

WAKING up on a bright Sunday morning with a bleary head meant there was just one option – a full English breakfast.

When you open your hotel door and find the sun’s sharp rays too bright for your blood-red eyes, it’s time to re-load your batteries with a feed.

Palmer’s, situated just off Beach Road, is the perfect remedy to such ailments.

First thing on a Sunday morning sees a few similarly weary men stumble into a wicker chair and all order the same thing.

The menu offers plenty, but today there was only one option.

Two fried eggs, bacon, tomato, fried potatoes, coffee and beans will set you back 95 baht, or ten baht less if you omit the beans.

The bottom of the menu displays the motto ‘all good food takes time’, but this proved to be only half-true as our food arrived in less than ten minutes.

English-language newspapers lay around the place if you want to soak up the news while your body soaks up the booze.

Away from the fry-ups, there are equally traditional offerings such as fish and chips, beef masala, and apple pie, which can all be washed down with 50 baht draught beer.

Palmer’s has a lot going on, day or night. Even the walls are kept busy, as they display laminated examples of the menu, a dart board, and framed posters from rather obscure 1950s’ films, such as Miranda Milano’s Hotel Imperial.

It’s a friendly place which is nearly always peppered with characters coming and going, although it’s the food that is justly the main attraction.