Pakboong Loyfa Restaurant

2 nd Road , junction with 13/4

Marks (out of ten)
Quality: 7
Quantity: 8
Value: 7

ONE rather drunk Thai was taking great pleasure insaying hello to a foreign couple on an adjacent table.

Heperformed a traditional wai greeting, and the couple reciprocated.

The Thai'sfriends loved this, and they all spent the next 5 minutes wai-ing to each otheramid growing levels of hilarity.

This isthe place to come to meet real Thais.

Situatedon the busy 2 nd Road, it's a street restaurant that offers a glimpseof what Thais usually eat. It s a no-frills, metal table, plastic-plateplace that caters for foreigners as much as it doesThais.

We went for fried asparagus with pork (80 baht), tomyam pla (spicy fish soup at 100 baht), cavilla soupwith pork (80 baht), and some rice.

Waiters and waitresses here are busy and run to and from their tables with stressed looks, so don't be surprised if they forget little details like giving you a plate.

The food arrived within five minutes of each other, not a bad achievement, and was plentiful.

The tom yam had all the aromas and freshness one expects from the classic dish. It was not overly spicy, and this was compensatedfor with an abundance of lemongrass and lime.

The asparagus was superbly-cooked with a meaty flavour that was set off well by theoyster sauce it lay on. Cavilla is a tricky fruit to cook well, as it'sparticularly bitter. This time they didn't quite pull it off and while mycompanion liked it, I found it impossible to stomach.

There was more than enough food on the other plates to be satisfied.

And as if to prove it's for foreigners as well, they even do fries.