No Name Restaurant

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Soi Buakhao
Between Second and Third Road
Central Pattaya - 07-2432871

Quality: 6
Quantity: 8
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 6

IN a rather anonymous soi sits a completely anonymous restaurant, with darkened windows.

It’s a wonder anyone ever finds such a place, but it’s worth making the detour to come here.

No Name is a small restaurant (12 covers) just off Soi Buakhao. Unlike most of the soi, which is cluttered and all fairly similar, No Name does stand out, once you get beyond the darkened windows.

Inside, three big mirrors hung around the wood-tiled walls give the place a slightly larger feel.

A small bar at the back gives the place some character, and there’ are usually a couple of locals propping it up.

With such a compact setting, service is quick and attentive. The menu is Western-orientated, although there is a good mix of Thai dishes included. A full English breakfast goes for 200 baht, or a slimmed down version is half the price.

Gammon steak, chops, and fish and chips are the staple favourites here. The most eye-popping dish has to be the 500-baht dish for gluttons that more or less includes the entire menu on one plate.

We went for the Thai options, of which there were plenty. I ordered a plate of mixed vegetables, chicken penang curry, along with boiled pork and fresh kalee vegetables.

The temporary illusion of sophistication was somewhat tarnished by the arrival of drinks. My Coke came in a porn glass. Around the edge of my glass danced an array of nymphs in all manner of poses: one for each sign of the Zodiac.

It may be odd, but it’s certainly a talking point and, as it turns out, my sign of Leo is rather athletic, and flexible.

As for the food, it wasn’t quite as sexy as the glasses, but was reasonable, although the curry could have done with more salt. The pork was neatly presented, with the accompanying vegetables on a bed of rice, and the vegetables were excellent.

But, hey, who really cares about food when you’ve got porn glasses?