Nang Nual Seafood

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Walking Street
South Pattaya

Quality: 9
Quantity: 8
Value: 10
Atmosphere: 9

THE waitress couldn’t understand it.

When customers came in and found all the tables facing out over the sea had been reserved, they would turn around and walk out again.

“Do they want to eat the tables or the food?” she pondered. It’s a fair question, as the food is undoubtedly the main attraction here.

Situated towards the end of Walking Street, Nang Nual has two branches that face each other. If possible, choose the open-air one that has a seating area facing the sea.

Walking through the entrance, there are dozens of trays filled with packed ice; ensuring the fish lying underneath retain the glow to their eyes. Lobsters, shrimps and crabs scurry around in tanks nearby, adding to the feeling of freshness.

The menu is excellent and provides a glimpse of Chinese and Japanese, as well as the staple Thai seafood.

We went for sauteed fish fillet with green peppers (120 baht), sukiyaki seafood (65 baht), sauteed squid with curry powder (120 baht) and fried rice with green curry paste and shrimp (80 baht).

The food arrived quickly, given the volume of customers, and filled up our table. Among the highlights were the squid, which came with a fragrant and attractive yellow sauce, and the sukiyaki, which was fantastic value and filled with seafood.

The fish fillet wasn’t huge but was big on taste, while the fried rice was stickier than usual and was given an extra kick thanks to the curry powder.

There are many seafood restaurants to try in Pattaya, but few match the value and quality of Nang Nual.

You’d expect a restaurant that sits over the sea to provide fresh, plentiful, and excellent quality food, and Nang Nual doesn’t disappoint.