Meeting Point

meeting point  restaurant - jomtien beach - pattaya thailand

Jomtien Beach Road

Quality: 8
Quantity: 9
Value: 9
Atmosphere: 8

TWO things about Dutch cuisine: they love mayo with their fries and their beer always comes with 50 per cent of head on top.

So it was with a little trepidation I stepped into the Meeting Point, a Dutch restaurant located towards the top end of Jomtien (the bit near the bars).

Aside from being unable to pour beer correctly and their lack of ketchup with fries, the Dutch do have good food. A little German, a bit French, a touch Scandinavian.

The menu reflects this, and does far more than just serve up Schnitzel and chips. An authentic and exhaustive list of Dutch food is on offer, from breakfast pancakes to an Uitsmijter lunch of eggs, bread and ham, to croquettes.

I went for the Frikadel (100 baht) while my companion chose a jacket potato with cheese and bacon (110 baht).

While we waited for the dishes, there was a chance to look at the decor. There’s no mistaking the Dutch-ness of the place, with plastic daffodils poking out of a pair of clogs that hang from a wall, and framed photos of windmills and Amsterdam’s canals.

The folk of Holland are a cool, stylish lot, so there are also a few Thai carvings in the wall and some giant pot plants in the centre of the terracotta-coloured restaurant.

A Frikadel, in case you were wondering, looks like a hot dog sausage. It’s a long meat roll that is sliced open, and raw onion and mayo are then poured into the resulting spaces. The rest of the plate was filled with French fries. This carbohydrate-heavy meal meant I was soon sated and happy, while the jacket potato fell apart to the touch and was perfectly cooked.

There are Thai dishes and British/French breakfasts as well, but you’d be better off going for something a little unusual, and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.