Kiss Restaurant

pattaya food reviews - Kiss restaurant

Second Road
Central Pattaya
(rear of Mike’s Shopping Mall)

Quality: 8
Quantity: 8
Value: 9
Atmosphere: 8

FIRST impressions, as anyone who has visited Pattaya can attest to, can be deceptive.

The first impression you get when entering Kiss is that it’s a fast-food joint, complete with counter and photos of what’s on offer.

It’s a little better than that though, as a small army of waitresses is ready to help, and the menu is quite extensive.

Open to the busy Second Road, the restaurant has a flurry to it, and seems busy even when it’s almost empty. Tiled floors and modern tables set it apart from other Thai cafes, and local music plays in a bid to lessen some of the din from the nearby traffic.

The menu is predominantly Thai, with some Chinese dishes, and there are plenty of photos to help if you don’t know what to choose.

We went for tom yam goong (80 baht), fried snapper (150 baht) and macaroni with chicken (50/60 baht). Most of the dishes are less than 50 baht, and offer excellent value for money.

There are Western dishes, such as spaghetti bolognaise, mackerel steak, and roast chicken, but this is the place for Thai dishes, not imitations of things you can get back home.

There’s also a good selection of fresh fruits from 45-65 baht, and a huge range of ice-cream desserts for as little as 25 baht. The snapper was among the best I’ve tasted; a crispy skin, with tender meat underneath, and plenty of it. The tom yam, or spicy prawn soup, was just as good, with just the right mix of flavours, while the macaroni offered something different, and its tomato sauce was particularly satisfying.

Kiss is open 24 hours a day and is a good place to try authentic Thai food, at authentic Thai prices, something of a rarity in Pattaya.