Ice Café Berlin

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South Pattaya

Quality: 7
Quantity: 7
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 8

GERMAN and pink: now there’s a combination you don’t see every day.

But then Café Berlin has a knack for trying things a little differently. Part breakfast bar, part ice cream parlour, it has its own kitsch style that makes it one of Pattaya’s more unusual hangouts.

The café is easy to find: turn left just before you get to Walking Street and it’s ten yards down on the left. Inside, the décor is black and pink, which results in a stylish, if slightly camp, feel. There’s pink on the chairs, pink behind the bar and even a pink LED display that flashes up messages in German from time to time.

If you’re tired of greasy fry-ups for breakfast, then the other options here are numerous. Choose from cold cuts, meat salads, waffles, pancakes, or plain old cereal. Among the several pages of breakfast dishes (with pictures) there is Hawaiian toast (pineapple on bread) and a Farmer’s Breakfast, which looked suspiciously like a pizza.

There is a brief main dish menu that offers schnitzel, fish, and zigeunerschnitzel, or schnitzel with paprika, and there’s a selection of Thai dishes at the back if you want a full meal.

But here it’s really only breakfast or dessert that counts, and several pages are given over to a variety of ice-cream, including chocolate cake and mixed fruit.

Given that we didn’t know what to have, we went for chocolate cake (60 baht) and chicken breast (130 baht).

The breast was diced and mixed with pineapple, asparagus strips, salad, peas, and mixed with a cocktail sauce. Not an obvious combination but the softly cooked chicken worked well with the tangy sauce and pineapple.

Chocolate cake can never really be bad, and although this one was a tad dry, the rich sauce on top was just the right side of rich.

Service is courteous and speedy, so much so that the waitress was hovering under my arm as the last slice of chocolate cake went down my throat.

Ice Café Berlin is worth trying out just for the feel, and if you want to stay longer, there’s always the cocktail menu to ask for.