Goey-tee-ow Grung Khao

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Sukhumvit Road
Just before Naklua

Quality: 7
Quantity: 8
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 8

Location may be everything when it comes to property, and when it comes to the restaurant trade it’s pretty damn important too.

So setting up your restaurant miles from anywhere, on the edge of a major highway, may not sound like a great move.

But this place is constantly busy, a sign that it’s doing something right.

During any stay in Thailand, it’s essential that you try out the local food, in a local café – not in the big food court at the department store.

Here is as good a place as any to check out the Thai’s staple diet – noodles.

For a typical Thai café, this really has the lot. Thatched bamboo roof, red, plastic chairs, small wooden tables, and condiments that feature chilli sauce and sugar.

The menu is printed up above the kitchen, and naturally it’s all in Thai.

For a quick crash course in ordering food, try to learn the following: ‘goey-tee-ow’ is noodles with soup. Then add whichever meat you want ‘moo’ for pork, ‘gai’ for chicken, ‘goong’ for prawns ‘neua’ for beef, or ‘phak’ for vegetables.

You’ll also be asked which noodles you would like (you didn’t think it would be easy did you?)

Sen-lek (flat, small noodles), sen-mee (rice noodles), ba-mee (egg noodles), or sen-yai (thick noodles).

Service is fast and snappy here, so it’s best to learn your order beforehand. A waiter or waitress (teenager in black, motifed T-shirt) will rush off to the kitchen with your wish-list, and moments later it will appear.

Use the condiments to add spice and flavour as required, and you’re away.

We went for goey-tee-ow baet, or duck noodles, for 30 baht, sen-lek neua for 30 baht, and pad Thai for 35 baht.

Each of the dishes came packed with flavours that satisfied and surprised. The duck noodles were especially good, with a thick, rich flavour.

Road-side eating, literally, at its best, as long as you don’t mind the occasional articulated truck roaring past.