Foodland Café

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Took Lae Dee
Pattaya Central Road

Quality: 7
Quantity: 7
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 6

FOODLAND is a must in any tourist’s vocabulary.

It’s the place that’s always open, the place where you can buy all you need. It’s also the place to rest and eat in between shopping sprees.

Just inside Foodland is Took Lae Dee, a restaurant that’s busy for most of the 24 hours a day that the store is open.

Customers sit next to a counter which surrounds the kitchen, much like a Japanese sushi-bar. Here, you are in the middle of everything, with chefs slicing and dicing on one side and the sound of tills beeping behind you.

It may seem odd to offer customers food when they have just been out buying just that, but it’s a good place to stop for a break.

Food comes in the form of snacks, salads, and sandwiches. There are also burgers and proper meals such as steak, pork chops, or salmon steak.

Most of the food has an Asian slant, with fried noodles, sukiyaki, or wonton soup among the choices.

We went for tom yam gung (93 baht), sweetand sour pork for (64 baht), and fried pork with garlic and peppers (65 baht).

The soup was a little salty but reasonable, while the sweet and sour sauce was similar to that found in English take-aways, very rich but tasty. The pork and peppers were well-cooked and with a good texture, and were probably the highlight.

Service is brisk as you’d expect, but friendly, and it’s a fairly social experience as there’s no option but to sit alongside your fellow diners.

This small restaurant lives up to its name – cheap but good – and offers quick hot snacks at fairly low prices.