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Royal Garden Plaza
Central Pattaya

Quality: 8
Quantity: 7
Value: 8
Atmosphere: 8

IT’S easy to make sandwiches, it’s hard to make great sandwiches.

The French, for all their garlic-eating, lorry-blocking, nasal-talking foibles, do know a thing about bread.

So it is that Delifrance is the place to check if you’re in need of a sarnie.

The French feel isn’t overdone, although a few paintings on the wall give it a slight Franco feel.

The menu is on display courtesy of a service counter, where staff are constantly slicing bread and shoving stuffings inside.

You can choose from set dishes, or choose your own filling. Croque ham, croissants, and spagahetti bolognaise are among the better dishes, or there are the two-feet long French sticks to tackle for around 70 baht (it’s 100 baht if you want to be authentic and have brie)

I went for the chicken pesto baguette, complete with herbs, onions, and olive oil, for 75 baht. Pay 119 baht and you get a drink and salad thrown in as well.

My companion went for the pasta gratin with bolognaise.

The baguette was well-cooked, crispy on the outside but on the right side of burnt, while the inside was fluffy. Pesto is a fantastic addition to any meal as long as it isn’t overdone, and here the results were good. The tender chicken and herbs fused well together to provide a satisfying, and filling dish.

The gratin wasn’t bad either. Although a little rich for our tastes, it came piping hot and with two slices of garlic bread.

Delifrance is a simple, unpretentious place with pine-panelled walls and bright lighting to give it a modern, fresh, atmosphere. Seating is inside or out, with great views over the beach if you choose to sit outside.

As French cuisine goes, Delifrance offers only a small selection of what could be provided, but what it does, it does well, and for freshness and flavour it’s hard to top.