Big Horn Steakhouse

Big Horn Steak House, Pattaya

216/44-45 - Central Shopping Arcade
Second Road

Marks (out of ten)
Quality: 9
Quantity: 9
Value: 8
Atmosphere: 8

IN Pattaya, anything with big and horn in the title doesn't usually involve food.

However, the Big Horn Steakhouse is the exception to the rule, and truly exceptional it is too.

Everything about the Big Horn is cosy: the waitresses are fun and their English is good, the surroundings feel as though you're in someone's lounge, and the food is a carnivore's delight.

The menu offers just about every combination of beef you could imagine, from tenderloin to ribs to T-Bone. If you're feeling brave there's even the 1 kg steak challenge, anyone who manages to clean their plate gets their name put on a plaque.

We went for the slightly less ambitious filet mignon and pork filet (315 Baht), while my friend chose the spare ribs (260 Baht).

Decent steak is hard to come by in Thailand, so I tried not to be too hopeful over what would be coming. I needn't have had reservations though as the result was excellent.

A juicy, medium-rare steak appeared and with it came salad and garlic bread. The steak was beautifully cooked while the pork filet was equally satisfying. The dish came with pepper and bernaise sauces, which worked well and stayed just the right side of over-powering.

My friend's ribs proved way too much for her, which meant I had the chance to sample them too. The accompanying pineapple and roast tomatoes were good touches, and the only disappointment was that there was absolutely no chance of squeezing a dessert into our bulging stomachs.

A couple of waitresses busied themselves and made sure the customers were well fed and well entertained. An outside seating area means you can watch life go up and down the parade, and view a couple of bars at the end of the street, or inside you can look at the Thai/American mix as traditional paintings sit next to Stetsons on the wall.

Rather cleverly, an effort has been made to instill some Wild West history into the place. The menu reveals the story of how sharpshooter Bjorn Hornseter, found a decent steak and loved it so much he bought the company.