Baywatch Bar

Baywatch restaurant - Pattaya, Thailand - Pattaya Restaurant Reviews

Beach Road
South Pattaya

Quality: 8
Quantity: 8
Value: 8
Atmosphere: 8

GIVEN such a name, you could well expect to see waitresses roller-skating around in tight-fitting, blood-red bathing suits. But sadly the name is the only thing in common with the iconic American TV show.

Once over the initial disappointment, Baywatch redeems itself by modeling itself more along the lines of the traditional English seaside café.

A brightly-painted interior, which includes green and yellow wooden slates around the border and boldy-coloured photographs, gives the place an uplifting feel.

The menu is almost a copy of any seaside café’s, with big cups of tea and coffee, fry-ups, and burgers on offer. It does manage to also provide yoghurt for the health-conscious (or Swiss) and most breakfast meals are between 70-90 baht.

Recommended dishes feature some less obvious options, such as chicken and tomato casserole, while the remainder of the menu has the classic bangers and mash, toasted sarnies (sandwiches), and burgers. There is an attempt at Thai food, and the masaman curry with tuna looked about the best local plate.

Although not feeling that hungry, I was tempted by the Hollywood Burger (120 baht), while my partner fancied fish and chips at 195 baht.

Oh, and while you’re at it, you simply have to order a coffee. None of those ridiculous mini-cups normally reserved for espresso. No, here you get a proper mug of the stuff.

The burger was enormous and inside the roll were stuffed grilled onions, ham, bacon, melted cheese and a spicy sauce. The meat was all fresh, especially the ham, and the combination of flavours was excellent. There weren’t too many chips but the ones that were present tasted good.

I’ve never tasted fish and chips in Thailand that are the same as back home, but Baywatch comes close. Just the right batter and a fresh, meaty fish, was more than ample for my dining companion.