Apex Hotel

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BUFFETS can be a mixed bag.

You can either have the pick from a sumptuous galaxy of food, or discover that the food’s been left out so long it’s begun to move of its own accord.

Here, things are done pretty well. It’s certainly a strange setting as the restaurant is just behind the hotel reception and it pretty open. It’s almost like warehouse-dining.

It is clean and an army of fans ensure it’s breezy too. Red and green drapes hang from the ceiling to give the place a touch of sophistication and give the place a lift.

About 100 yards of trays line up to be picked from. Starting from the left, there are ribs, squid and other grilled cuts, including skewers. Farther along there is a good salad bar, where you can pick from fresh lettuce, tomatoes, tuna and potato mixes and peppers.

There aren’t many Thai dishes, but the ones that are present include fried catfish, which was nicely cooked and not burnt to near ashes as sometimes happens.

Towards the end there’s a more ‘farang’ selection of food, including bread baskets, and chicken, pork, or beef cuts in rich sauces.

The skewered meat was well cooked, while the salad bar kept me busy for some time, and for 160 baht a head, you can’t go too wrong.

As with all buffets, the key is to wait until the chef appears. You don’t want to be packing your plate with food that’s sat there all night; you simply wait for the man in the big white hat, then make a dash for it before all the good stuff’s gone.

Having said that, dessert cake definitely doesn’t benefit from being left out for any amount of time, and is best avoided. Go for the fresh fruit instead.

Rooms here start from 450 baht a night, certainly among the cheapest in town, and there’s a 95 baht American breakfast waiting for you when you rise the next day.