Dining in Pattaya & Jomtien Beach

Brunos - Pattaya, Thailand

Food is one of the highlights of any trip to Pattaya.

From giant prawns to spicy somtam salad, there is every imaginable cuisine here. Cajun, Chinese, Indian, French, Vietnamese, German and Russian restaurants vie for your baht along every street.

Not only is the quality excellent, but so are the prices. Meals out here can cost from as little as 50 baht, and will rarely be over 500baht per person.

The only headache is trying to decide which restaurant to try. Patta-Yai!is aware of such dining dilemmas, and so has comprised a restaurant guide, especially designed to highlight the best that Pattaya has to offer.

This isn't just a list of names and addresses - we've been out and sampled food from all of the places mentioned (you see how dedicated we are?)

Click on the names to the left to find out what we think of each eaterie,and let us know your opinions too

Pattaya Dining Advice

Thais like food.

Thais also like to socialise, and so these two assets often go together like a knife and fork.

Thailand is legendary for its spicy dishes. Even if you're used to your vindaloos back home, be wary. 'Mai phet' means 'not spicy' and is one of the most oft-used phrases around here.

Go for bottled water and ice with holes in.

Pattaya Fast Food

Gway-tee-ow stalls are everywhere and serve delicious noodle soup. They don't have menus, so simply prop yourself on a plastic stool and point at what you want.

Gway-tee-ow moo is pork and noodles, while gway-tee-ow gai is noodles and chicken. A variety of herbs and chilis on your table mean you can choose how spicy things get.

Ah! You thought we meant McDonalds? Yes, it's here as well.