Daylife Around Pattaya

Pattaya Bay, Pattaya Thailand

Tourists of every mentality visit Pattaya. Many come here for the hedonistic nightlife. Some never get past the beer bars,discos and go go bars. And there is sufficient variety so that most holidays can be filled with non-stop nightlife.

Daylife can be just as enticing, sometimes even more so. When you come across that lady who snaps your head around,getting a bit closer may well reveal a charming personality to go along with the face and body.

So how do you progress from being a walking ATM card to being a nice man with an ATM card? It may not take as much as you think.

Sa-nuk is a favorite word among Thais, especially bar girls. Sa-nuk means "fun". A close relative of Sa-nuk is py-tio, which means to go out and around for fun.

Don't be surprised if an ice princess turns a bit warmer at the mention of py-tio. Time away from the bar allows the ice princess to be a young girl for the day.

You should notice a more personal relationship developing and see a different person that the one who was dancing on stage last night. You have been elevated in her eyes.

Things to consider

Or for even more fun, try one of our days-out destinations.

The financial implications can be a bit complex .. and there will be financial implications .. but such is the price of making all the mates stare open-mouthed as you glide past.

And you might find that your next evening out with your favorite go go dancer is a bit more sa-nuk.