Getting to Pattaya

Getting to Pattaya - From Bangkok Airport

Pattaya is a 145-kilometer drive from Bangkok, and sits to the south-east of the capital.
Here are the main choices after you arrive at Don Muang International Airport

Pattaya by Taxi

Ignore the pests that will hassle you inside the airport's terminal building - they're too expensive - and head outside.

There, you can catch a taxi right by the terminal (pay the 50 baht surcharge at the ticket booth and ensure the driver turns the meter on).

Your driver could take you direct to Pattaya for around 1,000 baht, or you can save about 900 baht and ask him to take you to the bus station.

Pattaya by Bus

Pattaya Bus Info

Pattaya by Train

Trains are slow, cheap and not very popular with Thais.

However, should you wish to see some countryside on your way to the hotel, then trains are an option. There are first and second class tickets, which will result in much-needed air conditioning,

You should love trains with a passion if you choose this method, as there's only one a day and they are marginally faster than walking.

Most folks go by bus or taxi.

Pattaya Train Info

Pattaya by Air

U-Tapao Airport is a little-known place 30kilometres away from Pattaya (Tel: 245595-7, 245599).

It is little-known with good reason: It's situated on a military base, is for domestic flights, and hasn't got a great reputation.