Burning Brightly on Pattaya Beach

Pattaya sun bathing

You had a cool night with a hot chick - drank an extra beer then awoke at the crack of noon. What better place to catch a nap than the beach?

Odds are you see yourself looking like the chap on the right -- right?.

Enter reality. First, Thailand's UV index will hover somewhere between9 and 12. Paris never gets above 8! The surface of the sun is 14!

And if you're a fair skinned redhead, 10 minutes of exposure on Pattaya Beach without sunscreen could get you a mild burn! Think what a couple of hours might do for the rest of your holiday.

If you forget the sunscreen and have a Heineken afternoon on the sun-drenched sands of Jomtien, you may actually look more like the Speedophile.

Yeah, reality sucks!

Pattaya Beach Tips

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Follow our advice and have yet another cool night rather than 3 days of agony!

If you didn't follow our sage advice and got yourself burned to a crisp .. spend time in a cool swimming pool, use aloe vera, and take a couple of aspirin every few hours. And hope that your kitty doesn't claw very much.

If your sunburn is really bad .. i.e. blistering and/or extremely painful,consider the outpatient clinic at a hospital .. and, well .. lose the Speedos!